Home Sweet Home

well… last day… sob sob..
but on the other hand… Yay!!! \o/
Got up with the birds this morning at about 6am… not sure if it was the excitement of going home, or the fact it was bloody freezing and i couldnt sleep…
A big pile of porridge and coffee later and i was on the road for 8am, down the country lanes around Writington and out into the plethera of traffic, cars full of angry people trying to get to work… how dare they encroach on my holiday!
through the edges of chorley, Leyland and into Bolton, with the traffic calming past the rush hour the long ride into Manchester in the sunshine was quite pleasureable. I was determined this time to ‘do’ manchester without the aid of a map or SatNav, so armed with the age old navigation tecnique of following the sun i hit the town… Knowing that at noon, if i kept the sun directly in my face i would surely be going i the right direction… and it worked! the maze of oneway systems and pedestrionized streets were no match for me and the sun and soon i not only had the bustle of Manchester city center behind me, but i was also going in the right direction, on the right road.. Easy!
out of manchester and into the the long slog uphill into Stockport and Whaley bridge.. deciding as ive done here before to take on the grind of a climb that goes up over the high edges of the Goyt Valley and decends into Buxton, rather than go up the dual carriageway into Chapel En Le Frith. and a grind it is!
a good 40 minutes of hard slog uphill before the breakneck wild downhill into buxton town. Out of buxton and another long drawnout climb over Taddington followed by yet another epic decent into Bakewell.
Not wantng to stop with the tourists i wheeled through and into Matlock where a coffe break saw me fit for the last 15 miles flatish valley ride to sunny Belper…
Not wanting to end it all too soon a quick text arranged a beer with John at the George down on the main street, where he met me and we shared a much needed pint (or 3) in the sun!
all in all a great day with a nice steady 83 miles to bring the tour to a close.
sorry for the short post tonight, but kinda tired and got a heap of things to sort out (and wash)
i’m gonna add a few more post to this blog over the weekend, and some more pictures and stuff and cover a few things i never spoke too much about because of the limitations of typing on a lil iddly piddly phone and stuff..
soo….. big thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed doing it!

(pic to day is of me mate john at the pub today for a much deserved pint)
P.S. John also brought me a big hunk of home made apple cake! nice one fella, its awesome!!

Till tomorra!


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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. John Booth says:

    So glad you liked the cake 🙂 Good to see you home matey, rest up, see you soon.

  2. DAD says:

    Happy to see you made it home safe and sound I enjoyed the holiday myself just reading this well done son speak soon.

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