Some pics… 

Overall I’m really happy with with the finished bike, although I’m still on the lookout for a nice large flanged vintage front wheel to go on it rather than the temporary alloy one that’s on it at the moment, but other than that it’s all good. 

Let it be said that it’s not a true restoration because although most of the original parts have either been refurbished and refitted, or replaced like-for-like, I’ve upgraded some bits that weren’t in the bike originally. ..

Modern brown tyres are new, and the French maker would never have put British made Brooks Saddles on their bikes. 

Some great finds were the new Dynamo lights, they are exactly as the ones that came off it originally, and I was luck enough to find some 1970s stock, still brand new in the boxes in France. 

New decals were made in Australia. And identical except in colour to the originals. 

Also found a nice old Sachs 5 speed derailiuer to replace the modern retrofitted one that had been put in the bike. 

Other lucky finds were the nice vintage 19″ pump that sits nicely in the brazed on pump holders. 

New cables, outer cables, pedals , clips and straps finish the bike off nicely I think. 
Right off to the pub on it me thinks! 







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