happily getting high on the fumes of the Nitromors paint stripper, when suddenly my new seats arrived…



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The devil’s in the details 

Crank restoration. 

Am I being to anal by polishing each individual nut, bolt and washer? 

Even Little things need some love  
From this

And this

To this…

And this… 


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the project is now underway, the bike has been completely stripped, which wasn’t an easy task, most of the bolts were corroded and took a great deal of time and effort to remove each one without damaging the frame or salvageable parts. Many of the parts where steel is bolted into aluminium, corrosion has taken place and the two metals have well and truly bonded, ie the crank arms to pedals, and the aluminium seatposts and handlebar stems  into the frame. Generous application of WD40, heat and brute force has managed to win over in the end.

The sourcing of many new and replacement parts is well underway.. A 1970 Sachs Hurret 5 speed derailleur has been found and will replace the modern and non working shimano derailleur that had been retro-fitted  to the bike at some point.

Replacements of the French original Soubitez Dynamo parts have been found from 3 different places and bought accordingly, new handlebar grips, tyres, tubes cables, seats, chains, pedals clips and straps have all been sourced..

Work is now underway refurbishing the badly corroded and seized wheels.. The hub brake has been stripped and refurbed as good as new, the spindle and free hub have also been stripped, cleaned, refinished and lubed before being reassembled..  The stainless spokes are also badly weathered and are proving to be a mammoth job to get the shine back on them. 

The paint on the bike is beyond repair and retouching, so the whole bike is going to be stripped and re sprayed, this is where I’m going to deviate from the original bike by changing the colour, these tandems were only ever made in the light metallic blue, but after much deliberation I think we’re going to go for a more classic retro look and paint the bike cream with brown detailing.  

The bare frame…  
The stripped and refurbed hub brake  


New bits piling up.. 🙂 


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N + 1

As most cyclists know… The correct number of bikes you should own can be written as the equation 

Number of bikes you should own = N + 1 ((where N = the number of bikes currently owned)

This can also be expressed as S – 1 (Where S = the number of bikes that would result in a seperation from ones spouse)

So with this in mind I’ve taken on a little project….. 

after visiting the L’Eroica Brittania event this year, a vintage bicycle event held annually in Bakewell, I’ve been hunting for a vintage bike or bikes to take on as a restoration project through the summer, and after much searching a suitable candidate has arisen.. 

The bike in question was a true “barn find” found by a fella in the roof space of a workshop where he works, keen to clear the space he listed said bike on a well known auction site for a buy-it-now price of a mere £200

Unable to resist, I did some research on make, model and availability of some parts that I could already see we’re going to need replacing, then I did indeed “buy-it-now”

So now I’m the owner of a 1979 Motobecane Touring Tandem.! Most of the once chrome parts have rusted, the chains are either missing or unserviceable,the tyres have long since expired, the gears and brakes no longer work, with exception on the hub brake, which has seized solid.. Most of the other parts are either missing, damaged, or corroded..

Challenge Accepted!


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its been a couple of years since I’ve written anything here, gonna start blogging here again, but in the meantime here’s some pictures of a few of my many bikes ❤

The mountain bike

The mountain bike

The cyclocross bike

The cyclocross bike

The Tandem

The Tandem

The road bike

The road bike

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Derwent Valley Loop by Mountainbasher at Garmin Connect – Details

Sunday Training run done,
Just over 21 hill miles around the Derwent Valley,

Belper, Heage, Critch, Cromford, Alport, Midshires Way, Chevin, Belper, Home…. Hot Bath..

Link to my Garmin route below!

Derwent Valley Loop by Mountainbasher at Garmin Connect – Details.


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Nice offroad ‘head torch’ run over the Chevin just enough to loosen the kegs and work up a Lamb Shank sized appetite.
Also stumbled across a nice punchy review of the top 5 GPS computers. (My review of the Garmin 910xt still to come)


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